It’s a fact that no one is born with brilliant cooking skills. We’ve all picked up skills from someone or the other, mother,grandmother,TV-channels,books and the very popular YouTube.The phrase self-taught is just an easy way of saying you didn’t get professional training but learnt from various other places.
For me YouTube is a get away from all worries of life and I  will be honest I learnt a lot from it.The reason why I am writing this blog-post is because many people I know don’t know cooking if they don’t have a written recipe in front of them.In my opinion if you follow a recipe to every gram it has to be perfect,why else would someone share it if there were flaws.

These are the YouTube channels I visit regularly and I will explain exactly why I love these channels so much and will also post their links below.

My top 6 favorites are as follows:

  1. Gordon Ramsay:

    Everyone knows Gordon Ramsay unless they’ve been living in a cave or don’t watch television.The man needs no explanation,He is an exceptional chef and owns a chain of Michelin star restaurants around the world.There is possibly nothing he does not know when it comes to food.He is a food critic ,judge of the masterchef USA,perfectionist in his restaurants and a celebrated chef of many amazing cook books.
    There is a channel by his name,I am not very sure if he runs it or his team but it has a series of videos showing different recipes,videos and shows of Gordon.
    There is a whole playlist of ultimate home cooking and the 100 cookery courses which I liked so much that my friend gifted me a book with all those recipes.I have been following this channel for over three years now and I absolutely love it.These recipes could be used for family feasts,occasions and Christmas etc.
    gordon ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Channel

  2. FlavCity:

    Flavcity is owned by a very talented american home cook Bobby Parrish.He makes mouth-watering foods and provides easy recipes.He is also member of the Tastemade family.
    I actually didn’t know he had a YouTube channel and randomly followed him on snapchat and would see his snaps and really try to recreate it at home as snapchat has small videos.But later I heard him talk about his channel and I was amazed to see the recipes on his website and YouTube are terrific and the good thing about all his recipes is that all the ingredients are easily available in your pantry.
    I have followed almost all his fried rice and chicken recipes.

    You’ll find a variety of interesting foods in his channel so subscribe and try out some and let me know which ones you liked the best so I can try some aswell.

  3. Donal skehan:

    This is guy is probably the cutest guy on the YouTube and if you see his channel profile picture you might think he is too young to know how to cook amazing food but you’d think wrong.

    This Irish guy is so brilliant at what he does that he cooks for Tastemade. I have followed a few recipes and they are just perfect.Even if you don’t like cooking just subscribe to his channel and you’ll always be tempted after you see food pictures.

    He has a variety of recipes, from baking cakes to cooking chicken,breads,burgers sandwiches and healthy snack recipes.I really enjoy watching his videos.He uploads new videos every week. Donal skehan has also been featured on other food channels.donal skehan
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  4. Get Curried:

    Get Curried is a first of its kind Indian online cooking channel,which has many different recipes from south Asia,English,breakfast,baking,Italian,french and Of course their own recipes.As you all know I belong to Pakistan,I love my curries,pulaos and biryanis and this is probably the only channel that shows Indian cookery in a very simplified form.There are many home cooks that show their expertise so there is not one person teaching but you get the opportunity to learn from different people,the different styles of cooking.Usually it gets too monotonous when you watch videos of the same people teaching,so this is a nice way to enjoy and learn.
    get Curried
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  5. BeerBiceps:

    I know that I run a blog with recipes that has oodles of cheese butter and sugar but very few people know I run a business service  that provides healthy meal to your doorstep.Beer Biceps has lately become my most visited channel and I see the videos sometimes twice and thrice a day.Its a health and fitness channel owned by an Indian name Ranveer.

    The surprising thing about it is that you’re not only informed about what is right for you,but also given a clear vision about what to eat,how to eat and also the brilliant recipes. Ranveer has a whole playlist of high protein low carb recipes-both vegan and non-veg.

    I am a Pakistani and one of the reason why I really enjoy his recipes are because of the similarity in our culture.Our foods are rich,flavorsome and sometimes to get the maximum flavour out of the spices,us desi peeps add a lot of oil which makes healthy eating tad-bit difficult.I would really appreciate if all of you go and subscribe to his channel and follow his recipes.You can cook it for your family and friends,this way everyone can join in your fitness journey without depriving themselves of delicious foods.
    Beer BicepsBeerBiceps-YouTube channel
    Instagram: @beerbiceps
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    Zomato: @beerbiceps
    Snapchat: @ranveer.1693

  6. Food with Chetna:

    Food with Chetna is owned by an Indian currently living in the UK.She is very passionate about food and that shows in all her videos.I recently came across her channel after she was featured in one of Jamie oliver’s videos and ever since then I keep myself updated with all her recipes and website.

    I do so because mostly the foods she makes are super easy and mostly something my family would really enjoy.As I mentioned earlier we have similar culture and love our desi foods so i regularly check out her channel.

    She not only makes Indian foods but has many different baking recipes that are simplified and the basics are explained in a simpler way.
    Cooking with chetna

    Website –website

Hope you all liked my review on all the channels

make sure you pay a visit and subscribe and let me know which ones you liked best.