Disclaimer:Unpaid review,based on my personal experience.

Jan’s Deli has been around for quite sometime and in this short period they have managed to create an amazing clientele.It grew from a small bakery to a very nice comfy cafe.

This small cafe can accommodate over 60 people.In the beginning I personally didn’t like going to jan’s but in the past one year it has become  my favourite eatery in the city.Regardless of how small it is,they actually provide good quality food.Many of my friends disagree but from their steaks to dessert,I personally enjoy every meal here.

The interior of the cafe is very modern and quite interesting.So, ground floor is the bakery and coffee shop and the second floor is a family dining area. The Menu is very neatly designed and precise.They have divided the menu into categories i.e Starters,Chicken,Beef,Fish,Pasta,Burgers,Sandwiches and Drinks.They don’t have a really huge menu where there is too many dishes and the food is not upto the mark.They provide what they cook best.Even though,I am not a big fan of their staff,one thing that puts me off every time is the behaviour of their staff.They are not cooperative at all and talk rudely which has been ignored several times.The management should take note of it,as this may affect their potential customers.

They provide a variety of cakes pastries and other snacks.

But my List of favourites are ;

  • Beef soukrout  steak
  • Double Decker steak
  • New york strip steak
  • Death by Chocolate cake
  • hazelnut cappuccino
  • Baked fish

Recently my friends and I went to Jan’s deli for a late lunch and really enjoyed.They food was worth the money…It was delicious,on time and very well presented.

12113140_1043169692382162_608917293_o (2)
Sorry,for such a picture. top left : Spicy salad top right: beef Soukrout steak centre : Baked fish bottom left: Double decker soup bottom right : lasagna

Apart from the dishes shown in the picture above, we ordered chicken corn soup and enjoyed coffee with a tempting slice of caramel mousse cake.

I belong to Peshawar (Pakistan) and where I live the size of your meal matters, the bigger the portion the more customers you will get!! Jan’s deli has taken this quite and they provide good portion size at very affordable prices.Believe it or not a bunch of good friends can eat as much as they can in just 5k or $50.

And if you’re a coffee fan like me you can not miss their cappuccino.It’s divine!!!

Jan’s deli offers home delivery so you can enjoy all these yummy foods at home on a lazy sunday or just to kill those cravings.If you’re living in Peshawar or you plan to visit, do try it.

Just writing this review makes me hungry.

Enjoy the review while I order in some good food

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2 thoughts on “JAN’S DELI : REVIEW”

  1. I’ve tried their chicken lasagna (which I loved) and chicken Ala Kiev so far (which I liked)! Shall try cappuccino out too on your suggestion! Keep blogging! XO


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