Street 1 Cafe Islamabad

Street 1 cafe had always been my first preference when we would choose to dine out but last month completely changed my opinion.Street 1 is situated in the middle of one of the prominent markets,kohsar market F6/3 Islamabad.It is one of the famous places in the city and many celebrities like Imran Khan(politician),Hamza Ali Abbasi(actor),Shoaib Akhtar(Cricketer) etc frequently visit street one with family and friends.Its quiet a place and you will hear people rave about it every time food topic comes up.

picture taken from google
picture taken from google

This time around Eid my friend and I decided to grab a cup of coffee but our hunger cramps changed our plans.We decided to have food first followed by coffee and dessert.My friend ordered a Italian chicken and I ordered cashew-nut chicken The cafe always serves a small basket of delicious warm bread before the main course which I enjoy the most,i noticed i keep going back there to munch on those *giggles*.

I was extremely disappointed with the food this time.I eat at street 1 often and this was not the kind of food  they served before.I didn’t enjoy my meal at all and neither did it look very appetising.It tasted of old tomatoes!!!

I would rate this dish a 5/10

The presentation is very important and if it doesn’t look appetizing then I assume it won’t be delicious.The presentation of this dish was unpleasant and the serving size was completely absurd.Both the dishes had too many tomatoes and the centre of the chicken was dry.They sauce needed more tangy-ness and more olives!For the price we paid this is not a dish i would recommend to try unless the cafe works on their standards.

i would rate this dish a 4/10

The cashew nut chicken was full of cashews and hardly few chunks of chicken were added,the carrots were cut in different sizes and very very chewy.The rice was bland,no seasoning whatsoever!!!

This was my first bad experience with the cafe food.I really hope they work on the quality of food because the ambience,the comfort,and the crowd is very good.The cafe has an extremely cooperative staff and surprisingly this place is always packed and you will always have to book your table a day before.Without a doubt,the coffee was perfect! I am coffee addict and I have tried all sorts of coffee everywhere but the cappuccino is the best and my second favourite is their mocca coffee.

The cafe is famous for their variety of coffee,dessert and their breakfast.

Street 1 has also introduced a new cafe in the Diplomatic Enclave called ‘The traveler’,I am really excited to go there as their menu is designed by American Michelin star Chef.I bet the food is going to be extraordinary since its designed according to the taste of the foreigners in the area.

Overall I would rate the place 7/10.They need to change their chef and work on their quality before the restaurant faces major loss.They need to work on the pricing strategy as it is a bit overpriced compared to other good restaurants in the city.

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2 thoughts on “Street 1 Cafe Islamabad”

  1. Despite of the fact that it is one of the most expensive cafés in the city I am yet to have a good meal at street one. I had their burger and it was very dry. My last sehri experience at street one was a complete disaster. After that I do not intend to visit that place again.


    1. yes my cousins told me about their sehri thing.He said he was not happy at all.
      Their steaks are all juicy looking but the glaze covers it and the centre stays dry.They need to work on the qulaity rather than the quantity.


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