Roasters Review.

I have recently been dining out a lot so I decided to start reviewing all the restaurants and Fast foods that I visit and write about my experience .In Peshawar (where I live),we don’t have a lot of options for food but Islamabad has a lot of international fast foods and many famous restaurants.

photo taken from google.
photo taken from google.

Today I am going to review one of the most popular and one of my favourite restaurants in Islamabad.Popular for its burgers and steaks,Roasters (their facebook page) is located in F-7 Markaz Islamabad.The restaurant has an okay ambience,they need to increase their sitting area and change those leather couches(very uncomfortable) and should also increase the lighting its very gloomy and depressing.The staff is very cooperative(one reason why we liked the place).Our meal was on time and we didn’t have complaints regarding drinks,food or the seating.The place is a bit pricy so if you’re low on cash and have to go out with friends this is not a good option.

This time around Eid,my cousins and I went for a late lunch and we all ordered different dishes and we all had a different opinion.

I really enjoyed my meal!!!I ordered a seafood platter while others ate steaks and burgers.Despite the rave reviews of the steaks and burgers, my cousins were quite disappointed with their meal.My sister ordered Jalapeno steak and she absolutely loved it!!!!! On the other hand my other sister was completely disappointed with the serving size of her steak and its taste.

The burgers didn’t seem very appetising to me because of their huge size,it was literally the size of my face and for good 10 minutes everyone was trying to figure out how to eat it.They ended up eating it with a fork-knife.This was kinda a turn off for me because the charm of eating a burger is with your hands and not a fork. Anyhow,the beef patty was tender and scrumptious!!

Coming back to the seafood platter,it was extremely pleasing to the sense of taste!!! It consisted of a side of rice,shrimp tempura,fish fillets,crispy fried calamari,sauteed veggies and a tangy tomato salsa.


The serving size was good enough and it was cooked to perfection.The tangy Salsa-dip complemented the rice and the fillets.The only draw back was that the calamari was overcooked which resulted in a chewy texture.

Besides their steaks and burgers, Roasters has a great variety of coffee.

Overall I would give this dish an 8/10 but it was worth the money.

Do check out the menu below, so you know what to order next time you go there.

roasters cafe&grill

Hope you like the review.

Do share your experience below.

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2 thoughts on “Roasters Review.”

  1. Well you should tell people about the great offer they have on lunch time. At lunch time if you buy one meal you get 50% off on the next meal that you order. That is as good as it can get. So do enjoy luck at Roasters


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