Everyone was talking about staying healthy and being fit but I was 74 kg and super lazy!!!It was June 2013 when I realized I had to do something,I had to change and do something about my weight and eating habits or else things would get worse. I lost 13 kg,I still have to lose a lot and reach my goal weight.Here are some tips that can help you loose weight and if you make a permanent change and adopt these tips you can stay fit for life.

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  • Never miss your breakfast:
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.You MUST have your breakfast and I am saying this from personal experience.Back when i was overweight I used to miss my breakfast everyday and would sip on a cup of green tea and leave for university.Big mistake! when i started dieting i started starving myself but i wasn’t losing any weight.I didn’t know what I was doing wrong,that’s when i did my research and found what was wrong about my diet and it was the breakfast that was missing. No wonder they say ‘ have breakfast like a king’.you should eat within the first hour after waking up.
    Have a big healthy breakfast.I have a really big breakfast.
    Example of my daily breakfast : 2 eggs omelette ,1 brown bread, tea(with honey) peanut butter & sausages
    Oatmeal with raisins and black Tea.
  • some amazing breakfast recipes that are healthy and delicioussome amazing breakfast recipes that are healthy and delicious
  • Stay hydrated:
    Water is a great blessing and has amazing benefits.Its good for the body as well for the mind.One should have 8-12 glasses of water.As per research cold water increases metabolism and warm water helps in weight loss. If a person drinks 2 glasses of water before every meal they will tend to eat less and will get fuller.Staying hydrated means less spasms,more energy,fresh and brighter skin and you’ll also be more focused.
  • Work it out:
    Its not just the food that you eat, but its also about how lazy you are.The more active you are the fitter you will get.When I wanted to loose weight i started rigorous exercising that to during Ramadan. I use to do 30 minutes treadmill (brisk walk) , 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes aerobics.You can not lose weight solely on changing your diet.You have to be committed to your exercise, if you don’t have fancy exercise equipment do cardio or go for a walk in the park,run on the stairs or do house chores.You cannot loose weight just by sitting and complaining. I guarantee you if you start by 30 minutes walk daily, you will notice a difference
    Tips:Always take the stairs and avoid elevators, while going upstairs miss a step on the stairs.
    Planks and squats are a complete body workout that help tone every muscle in the body.It improves posture aswell as tighten the love handles that a lot of women have trouble with.
  • Know your portions:
    Understanding portions is very important to stay fit.I used an image to help me learn this and its a hand rule that divides your portions and helps develop the concept.By the help of this concept you can understand how much carbs,proteins and fats you can consume in a day.
    article-2537130-1A8C43E300000578-620_634x380 images
  • Say No to sugars:
    Ever since I have started working on my diet,i completely left having sugars.for 16 months i completely deprived myself from any form of sugar.Be it in confectioneries or tea/coffee.The best substitute is honey or agave. agave is quiet strong in sweetness compared to honey. It was easy for me because i don’t have a sweet tooth but mostly people enjoy sweets from time to time.Honey is the best in my opinion it helps in digestion,prevents ulcer and other gastrointestinal disorders. Many people are not aware of agave its a plant nectar that is quiet strong.
    Tip: if you have honey in Luke warm water right after you wake up it aids in weight loss and makes the process quicker.
  • Honey pouring from drizzler into the bowl.Honey pouring from drizzler into the bowl.
  • Say Yes to protein:
    Lets talk about my favourite part of the blog post.I am a big meat lover, red meat,chicken or fish.I enjoy all forms of protein and this has been a recent change in my diet.Proteins are the most important when it comes to nutrition.I don’t know why people say protein can be harmful thats wrong.Proteins are the building blocks of your body.It strengthens bones, they build enzymes,hormones and improve skin and hair.
    types of proteins to include in diet:
    Eggs: can be consumed in different forms is good for hair growth
    fish: Full of omega 3 fatty acids.According to a health association in USA eating about 8 ounces per week of a variety of seafood contributes to the prevention of heart disease
    Chicken/Meat: Develops muscle and constantly release energy that can help in exercise (turkey meat is the most lean cut).
  • Chew slowly:
    By chewing your food slowly you will eat lesser .Chewing slowly helps all the food break down and helps in digestion.
  • small meals:
    I read many articles that say instead of having 3 big meals one should eat 5 small meals and snack often.You can snack on almonds,seeds and nuts.This way a person doesn’t feel hungry time to time.Healthy 5 meals will make a person full last meal would be by 8 pm max.
  • Have a friend to diet with you :
    The best way to loose weight is to have a company that keeps you motivated.My best friend and I got into the whole healthy living thing together and that’s why it kept me devoted.we used to check on each others exercise timings and discuss what we ate all day.This improved the whole process and we both ended up shedding loads of fat. There is absolutely nothing better than having a workout and fitness buddy.
  • Muscle weighs more than fat:
    Remember muscle weighs more than fat.You want to lose in inches!!! you want to shrink and fit into your favourite dress,don’t freak out if the scale doesn’t show any decrease in the total weight.When we weigh ourselves we sometimes forget that the scale shows the complete weight of our body,the bone mass etc.if you feel your stomach tighten up and see a difference in your body,that means you are close to your goal.
    images (1)
  • Say No to bad carbs:
    There are good carbs and there are bad carbs.The good carbs are packed with fibers that help improve gastrointestinal disorder.The bad carbs are namely the white,the carrots and the potatoes.Simply change from the whites to the browns.The bad carbs are rice,wheat,flour,sugar,pastas,noodles etc.The good carbs are brown rice,bran bread,whole wheat,corn,sweet potatoes,oats,garnolas,yams,quinoa,broccoli cabbage and many other vegetables.The more good carbs the healthier you get,the bad carbs stores in the form of fat.
    images (2)
  • Good bye junk food:
    Well it isn’t easy but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to lose that fat!!!Say no to junk food and sodas.they are the killer and reason for obesity,If you can say no to a glass of coke,your making a change,if you refuse to try that burger and make a healthy meal at home your doing justice to yourself and your diet.Firstly junk food we don’t know how its made and when its made,so it isn’t fresh plus not healthy at foods and dine outs can cause weight gain,they are oily and full of fats. Say no to junk food and if you really want to stay fit stay away from it forever.This way you can maintain your weight and stay healthy forever.


 lastly here are some links and some applications that can help you.

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