Farah Rauf khan  18 Alevels student
Farah Rauf khan
Alevels student
This is a simple and easy recipe.Looks delicious and is quick to make.You can make this on a lazy day,a dish that is less fatty,so light and delicious.Can be served with number of different dishes.


  • K&N’s Chicken Breast Fillet – diced
  • 2 packets Chinese egg noodles.
  • Garlic
  • Salt & Black Pepper to taste
  • Oil-1 tablespoon
  • Cabbage-sliced
  • Carrots – sliced
  • Capsicum-sliced10565796_10203820316484328_1656178379_n


  1.  Add four cloves of garlic in 3 teaspoon oil. Sautè it!
  2. Then when the garlic is properly sautèd add chicken.
  3. Then add salt & black pepper and fry the chicken till tender and the colour change
  4. Repeat the same for the carrots & capsicum separately.
  5. Meanwhile when you’re frying chicken and veggies boil 2 packets of Chinese egg noodles.
  6. When the noodles are boiled take a pan add the chicken, veggies & noodles. Mix all!
  7. Then add a little black pepper to taste & toss it all again.
  8. And your extremely light & tasty noodles are ready.

 Hope you enjoy making this dish

don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments below


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