“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” ― Julia Child

Finaaaallllyy started writing this and hoping to go a long long way!

Before I start writing my heart out about food, I want to briefly write about what you will find here.

I am not a professional cook but I love cooking, baking and literally everything about the kitchen. Cooking & baking are the only activities I enjoy. It’s not like I am a great cook and I make the best foods, but this is one activity I could do all the time without getting bored!

I make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but that’s what cooking is about, right? You know how the famous saying goes ;

                       “…Practice does not make perfect,only perfect practice makes perfect.”

In this blog you will find:

1.Recipes I have collected over the years.

2.All recipes I have tried

4.My own recipes.

5.Tips and tricks of how to make life in the kitchen easier.

6.The Amazing dishes I try with friends.

7.Reviews on products and restaurants.

Hope you enjoy and try the recipes.



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